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When life gets a little emotionally charged, it’s important to feel things out. The Loungefly Inside Out Control Panel Blind Box Pins provide a close-up look at Riley’s inner self. Each pin in this set comes together to form the emotion-led control panel that influences Riley’s thoughts. There’s Anger, Disgust, Joy, Sadness, and Fear, and there’s a 1 in 12 chance that you’ll find the glow-in-the-dark chase pin of the control panel’s base. These mindful accessories add a sentimental touch to any outfit and are perfect for Disney-Pixar fans who are looking to keep one of their favorite animated movies close.

Pins are sold individually and blind. Collect all 6.

Enamel pins are approximately 1.5-inches tall and feature gunmetal colored hardware, along with the signature Funko/Loungefly crown debossing on the back.

These pins are an officially licensed Disney-Pixar product.

Please note: We cannot accept requests for specific items. Item selection is random, as each piece is in blind packaging. You may receive duplicate figures. Chase variants are shipped at random. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed.